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Google’s redesign of Gmail, which became available for testing earlier in 2022, will now become the default for users everywhere.

The company has announced (opens in new tab) that the visual update to its email service “is becoming the standard experience” starting in November after several months of opening up opt-in.

Google says that there will be “no option” to revert back to the classic view, with users now having to make do with the refreshed UI that features Chat, Spaces, and Meet integration, alongside a more general visual overhaul.

Gmail 2022 update

With so many companies turning to Google Workspace to provide their productivity tools, the plethora of communications channels can be somewhat overwhelming.

With this update, the company hopes to make it easier for its users to flick between sending emails and more personal messages through its Chat and Spaces, as well as joining Meet video conferencing calls.

For many, this update may be neither here nor there, as users will still be able to navigate to the separate Chat and Meet web pages for more detailed views of the respective services, however this deeper integration could be a sign of things to come, and potentially a single and more rounded platform for all communications channels. 

For now, and just like on previous versions of the Gmail web app, the right sidebar still has shortcuts to other Google services like Calendar, Tasks, and Keep.

Rapid Release domains have already started to see the effects, while Scheduled Release domains will have to wait a further two weeks.

Other recent Gmail updates have placed a heavy emphasis on curating better search results, with machine learning helping to surface more relevant information and contacts.

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