best Nintendo Switch games: four inklings wildly shooting ink at each other

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It’s time for Splatoon 3 players to assemble for some Salmonid splattering, as Nintendo has announced dates for its upcoming Big Run co-op event. 

Big Run will take place from December 10 to 12 and sees Splatoon 3’s town of Splatsville overrun by Salmonid, the fish-hybrid creatures previously seen in the game’s existing co-op mode Salmon Run. 

Although little detail has been given about the special mode’s actual contents, there’s a lot to be gleaned from the promotional images seen on the Nintendo Twitter page.

We’re all in this together

We’re gonna need a bigger Slosher..The Salmonids come to Splatsville when Big Run, the all new #Splatoon3 co-op event, takes place from 12/9 at 4pm PT to 12/11 4pm PT!Assemble your crew of part-timers and put in some Salmon Run shifts today! 29, 2022

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Where Salmon Run offers similar stylings to a capture-the-flag scenario, pitting up to four players against hordes of Salmonid as they strive to retrieve golden eggs, it would seem that the goal of Big Run is slightly different.

The promotional images in the official Nintendo announcement depict a Squid King holding up a golden Salmonid. This could allude to a different in-game collectible or trophy, perhaps with only one per team of four to up the stakes by just that much.

We know that Wahoo World is the first area of Splatsville you must defend from the Salmonid invasion, and players will be able to drop in with their co-op cohort from December 10 for just a few short days.

Big Run will mark the first of Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2022 offerings, the rest of which have been teased in the upcoming patch notes (opens in new tab). Judging from these, some major highlights include fifty new items to be found instore, three new weapon types, and a new level of Salmon Run entitled Marooner’s Bay.

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