Event experience platform Bizzabo has launched a new wearable technology for in-person events called Klik Experiential. The new capabilities will be built into Bizzabo’s SmartBadge, which helps deliver smooth check-ins, while enhancing exhibitor interactions and other on-site experiences. Bizzabo acquired Klik as a wearable tech startup in 2021.

As a popular events operating system for global brands, Bizzabo has a front seat to the rebound in live events this year. The number of events hosted through their platform increased more than sevenfold in September 2022, compared to back in January. For 2023, a Bizzabo survey found that 85% of event organizers were planning at least three events over the next year, and 35% planned to host at least 10.

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More about the badge. The SmartBadge is worn in a similar way to other event badges or security tags. But these badges light up remotely, in multiple colors. So, there is the capability for organizers to be creative with how they get attendees to participate, especially in large groups.

On the back end, the SmartBadges produce digital heatmaps in near real-time, so organizers can visualize patterns in engagement and traffic throughout the event.

Privacy. No personal information is stored on the SmartBadge. The badges are also reusable. Event organizers simply collect the badges and return them to Bizzabo, where they are reset and recycled.

Content and optimized networking. The SmartBadge triggers relevant content for attendees and enables seamless check-in and other interactions. For instance, while wearing the SmartBadge, attendees can get information from exhibitors and exchange contact info with other attendees with a single click.

Behavioral data. Even without personal information stored on the SmartBadge device, event organizers can glean rich data as attendees move through the space. They can see what event attractions are a hit, and make in-the-moment adjustments.

Exhibitors at these events can also capture and access leads in a painless way for attendees, as they are passively tracked through the hardware.

“Marketers discovered the value of detailed, real-time data insights when they pivoted to virtual events,” said Eran Ben-Shushan, CEO and cofounder of Bizzabo, in a company release. “With the introduction of Klik Experiential, we’re inviting organizers to build on what they learned from virtual events to make the new era of in-person events even brighter.”

Why we care. Many retailers have raised the bar for in-store experiences by implementing some form of augmented mobile experience, especially with the pandemic’s increased demand for contactless service. So it makes sense that in-person events would look to move their experience in a similar direction.

While digital interactions at live events generate more data than plain old handshakes, they also eliminate the need for so many flyers and brochures. Going paperless means better sustainability.

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