Saliut is a Ukrainian photography magazine that published its second issue, focusing on the 1990s, just weeks before Russian troops invaded Ukraine. As the country faces unrest and atrocious destruction, the new publication describes a very different period in its history.

The issue explores the uncertainty and difficulties faced by a Country that had just become independent after seven decades of Soviet rule. Through selected photographic projects, the magazine establishes a dialogue between nostalgic childhood memories and the turbulent and complex reality of that time. The works and memoirs of those who witnessed that era at the same time allow us to analyze Ukraine’s historical progress and gain a better understanding of the present.

Among the works published in this issue there are projects by Roman Pyatkovka, Yuri Kosin, and Valeriy Miloserdov that explore the political realities of Ukraine in the 1990s, and by young photographers Yevgen Nikiforov, Julie Poly, Valentine Bo, and Viacheslav Polyakov who instead focus on the impact that the 1990s had on the aesthetics and reality of contemporary Ukraine.

The Ukrainian ’90s

In collaboration with Saliut 

November 17th – 26th, 2022

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via Mincio, 10

20139, Milan

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