IF YOU’RE into the cuffed pant and no-sock look, wearing leather shoes sans socks is a masochist move. You’re pretty much sending a royal invitation to blisters and germs—plus, expect blood and sweat stains on your good shoes, not to mention a nasty odor that’ll practically knock you out every time you slip them off your feet. That’s where no-show socks come in.

  • Most Popular no-show socks

    Trino® Sprinters

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  • Best no-show sock design

    Organic Cotton No Show Socks

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  • Most durable no-show socks

    Everyday No Show Socks
    The North Face

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  • Best overall no-show socks

    2-Pack Everyday No Show
    Mack Weldon

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  • Most Stylish no-show socks

    No-Show Liner Sock 3-Pack
    Polo Ralph Lauren

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No-show socks—also referred to as loafer liners or invisible socks—help provide a barrier of protection between your delicate feet and your favorite shoes on the down low, whether you opt for a thin knit pair for dress shoes, a cushioned option to sport with sneakers during workouts, or one with adhesives to go with your walk-all-day shoes.

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We’ve rounded up the 20 best no-show socks for men—ones that won’t slip, stink, or fall apart after one wash. And thanks to smart design tweaks (and in some cases, adhesives in the back), you’ll never have to stop and tug a sock back over your heel.

Most Popular no-show socks


Trino® Sprinters

Best no-show sock design


Organic Cotton No Show Socks

Most durable no-show socks

The North Face

Everyday No Show Socks

Best overall no-show socks

Mack Weldon

2-Pack Everyday No Show

Most Stylish no-show socks

Polo Ralph Lauren

No-Show Liner Sock 3-Pack

Best no-show socks for sports


Superlite Super No Show Socks (6-Pair)

Best no-show socks on Amazon


Low Cut No Show Socks

Best wool No-Show socks


Merino No-Show Sock

Best no-show socks for running


Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks

Best Moisture-Wicking no-show Sock


Power Stride No-Show 5 Pack

Best no-show socks for training


Everyday Plus Cushioned Training No-Show Socks (6 Pairs)

Best no-show socks pack


Men’s Cushioned No Show Sock 8-Pack

best breathable no-show socks


Cotton No Show Socks 3 Pack

Best no-show socks for hiking


VIBE Zero 3-Pack

Most stylish no-show socks

Richer Poorer

Poplin Stripes 2 Pack No Show Socks

Most comfortable no-show socks


Rototo Pile Foot Cover in Black

Best thin no-show socks

Calvin Klein

3-Pack No-Show Socks

Best affordable no-show socks


No-Show Socks (2-Pack)

Best no-show socks for dress shoes

Nice Laundry

No Show Extra Low Socks

The signature no-show socks


Classic Super No Show Socks 3-Pack

To curate the best no-show socks for men, we’ve consulted with Men’s Health‘s editors and writers, as well as done testing on our own to find options on the market that’ll suit every guy’s needs for comfort, as well as meet the bar for combatting odor, preventing skin damage, and, of course, actually staying on your feet. Our picks are all made from high-quality fabrics designed to wick sweat away from your feet, keeping you dry and stink-free.

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