When writer, influencer, and broadcaster Camille Charrière got married in Paris last year, little did she know how impactful her sheer, lace wedding dress by UK designer Harris Reed would turn out to be. Making a case for the naked dress everywhere, she styled her gorgeous gown over a sweet pair of white panties, thus creating one outfit combination that we, along with many others, couldn’t help but notice. The infamous look was the catalyst for Charrière’s upcoming collection with the Spanish brand Mango—and she’s been a #MangoGirl for quite some time. “I became a Mango girl in the early days of blogging—I think it was one the first big brands that I worked with, so it holds a very special place in my heart,” she tells Vogue. The two clearly stayed connected because after Charrière’s December nuptials, Mango approached the newlywed about collaborating on a capsule party collection, inspired by her cool-girl style and, of course, her iconic wedding looks. “We’ve kept a really strong relationship, so when they reached out after my wedding and offered to design a party collection, I kind of jumped at the occasion.”

The 60-piece Camille Charrière x Mango collection officially launches tomorrow, Thursday, November 3, but is available to shop now exclusively for Vogue readers.

Camille x Mango crystal gown

Camille x Mango sequined dress

Camille x Mango high heel leather boots

Camille x Mango strass buckles shoulder bag

While beginning the design process, Charrière made several trips to Mango’s headquarters in Barcelona and worked directly with their in-house design and production teams. “We started off by mood boarding and looked at hundreds of old pictures for inspiration. I was very determined to create a collection that felt timeless in the sense that I didn’t want something that was too trend-led,” she tells us. The party collection is meant to transport you to the iconic nightlife of the late ’90s and early 2000s through sequined mini dresses, slinky slip dresses, satin miniskirts, and more.

Courtesy of Mango; Photographed by Pepe Lobez.

It also perfectly captures Charrière’s bicultural heritage, having grown up in Paris and then moved to London, where she currently lives. “In France, girls tend to really dress down; they like to look understated and effortless. They don’t tend to change between what they’re wearing during the day and what they’re wearing in the evening, and if they do, it’s never going to be as exuberant as what you see over here (in London),” she elaborates. “In London, it’s the opposite. People are very keen to dress up, and we have loads of occasions to dress up for. I wanted to find a middle ground so that there would be something in this collection for everyone–the girl that likes to dress down and the girl that likes to dress up.” For Charrière, there also isn’t one person in mind that she imagines wearing the collection. “My hope is that as many girls and guys as possible find something that they love and turn it into something of their own,” she says. “I love seeing what people wear on the street, especially when what they wear is very different from what I wear, so my dream is to see people styling the collection in ways that I wouldn’t have thought of. I think that’s what makes a capsule collection come alive.”

Camille x Mango animal-print fluid dress

Camille x Mango satin camisole dress

As for her favorite pieces? “I love all the coats—I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for good tailoring and outerwear. I think a coat really seals a silhouette together—it adds that va-va-voom. You really notice someone that walks in with a beautiful coat” she says. 

Camille x Mango fluffy long coat

Camille x Mango wool overcoat

“I also love the boots—they’re easy and go with everything. You can wear them underneath trousers or style them up with dresses, which I think is super versatile and fun.” And the pièce de résistance? The naked dresses, of course, which are offered alongside pairs of equally festive sparkly lingerie. Charrière understands that not everyone is willing to wear a naked dress without ample coverage underneath. “We’ve been seeing a lot of naked dressing across the board, and there’s always the question of when you wear that kind of dress, what are you going to wear underneath? I wanted to offer an option for girls that didn’t feel comfortable wearing something so skimpy. The underwear also feels like a party piece,” she tells Vogue. She imagines styling the pieces underneath outerwear from the collection to add just a touch of sexiness and sparkle.

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