Halloween was quite an extravagant celebration for celebrities who managed to go above and beyond with their costumes. One famous face in the mix was Kendall Jenner, who wore a Toy Story-inspired look based on the character Jessie. Though, Jenner put a saucy spin on the ensemble; she wore the signature hat, a crop top, arm bands, denim hot pots, and a pair of cow-print chaps.

And while Cardi B had a great costume as well, she had a stellar off-duty look. The rapper opted for an out-of-this-world look which included a puffy light gray jacket with a pair of jean shorts that boasted an extremely high French cut. To further drive the intergalactic outfit home, Cardi B donned a pair of hulking silver platform heels. Her caption said it all: “Let me take you to the future.” Glady, Cardi!

Let’s not forget that elections are coming up on November 8. In New York, Marc Jacobs fashionably flexed his early voting opportunity in New York this past week, wearing a cream jacket with a massive collar and a pair of XXL square-shaped sunglasses. Of course, he accessorized as well with his “I Voted In Westchester County” sticker.

Across the pond, Shygirl had a fantastic fashion moment. The singer was a deity in a strappy and glittering dress by London-based brand Di Pesta. Each cut-out was fastened with a pretty gold chain for a goddess effect.

Here, see more of the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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