Being a parent can have its tough times, but we’re reminded that it’s all worth it thanks to those precious (and often mischievous) moments. We can’t help but crack up laughing at the wit and drama children so often test us with. So take a look at these 18 kids who can both make you laugh and cry with their antics.

1. “My brother got this pic of my nephew today from daycare.”

2. “Mom posted my first day of school pic, recreated without a wardrobe change.”

3. “I texted my wife on my first day back at work, ’Okay, I miss him a lot.’ She replied with ’This is what you’re missing.’”

4. “My favorite time of day — after my wife does the early morning feed and she goes back to bed, and before I have to deal with responsibilities.”

5. “My daughter eating squid ink pasta”

6. You’ve got to let kids be kids sometimes.

7. “When older sisters get a little too enthusiastic…”

8. “Best friends already!”

9. “Just my beautiful smiling daughter who will be 1!! Hands down my best friend in the world. Never fails to make me smile.”

10. “We have our own Boo from Monsters Inc!”

11. “What my 2-year-old does when I say I’m not opening any more Halloween candy for him tonight”

12. “Got the family home safe and sound.”

13. “Son: ’I need a crown for school.’ Me: ’Pass me my 6-mm hook and chunky yellow yarn, STAT!’ 1 hour later….”

14. “Age 2 and age 6”

15. “I became a dad last night, welcome to the world, little one.”

16. “Me holding my son at his eighth grade graduation vs him holding me at his high school graduation.”

17. “My daughters and me, 25 years ago — I’ve lived a good life.”

18. “My daughter showing off a big tomato from our own kitchen garden”

What’s a hilarious thing your child has said? Share your stories in the comments below!

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