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Your weekly horoscope is here. Take a deep breath; it’s the last lap of Scorpio season. If you’re in the garden, prune back. Take that philosophy to your inner space and clear emotional dead wood and fallen leaves. Compost them to create fertile ground for new feelings and healthy attachments. Look forward to a vibe shift midweek as pre-holiday season optimism bursts through those emo notes like a ray of light. 

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of November 13 through November 19, 2022. Don’t forget to check your monthly tarotscopes as well!


If it’s not binging true crime, magic, and mystery, or hair-raising horror, it’s real life getting to know you a whole lot better. Keep that bat cave stockpiled as your secrets, sex, and intimacy zone is the place to be for one more week. That said, be ready to emerge midweek, perhaps on an online mission to check out a fantasy destination. Hey, a girl can dream, and who knows, with the right app, you might score a bargain getaway. A lot has been happening, so catch up on world events and political drama now. You’ll come across as knowledgeable next week when it’s time to join the conversation. 


This is the last week of an intense focus on relationships. Perhaps resurrecting a love zombie, blowing out an unrequited flame you held, or igniting a new intense bonfire! Energies shift on Wednesday as your ruling planet, sensual Venus, moves from the one-to-one zone to the bedroom, aka your getting to know you, everything about you sphere. Treat a new interest, whether a person or metaphysical oracle deck, like an adventure. Study hard, and you’ll come out learned and wise. This position is a little tweaky for your sign, as you like stability and familiarity. Pack your saddlebags and move those boundary pegs out a little or a lot! 


Your direction may be stalling and your nervous system sizzling, or is that fried, so take regular time outs to calm and nourish it. Slow down and become conscious of your breathing; steady and deep. Mindfulness and meditation will help. Warming, hydrating broths are a must. We’ll continue to revisit this point as Mars, the planet of action, energy, and drive (yes, even sex drive), is moving in an ultra-slow retrograde through your sign. Why not take your attention to your one-to-ones as sparkly Venus and curious Mercury grace your relationship zone from midweek. You’ll likely enjoy plenty of luck in love right now, so savor time with your bae or bestie.


Enjoy an intense romantic experience and shuttle any War Of The Roses drama into makeup romps rather than serving breakup vibes. Organize fun activities; they’ll be bonding. Midweek an emphasis begins in your work zone so take new experiences as inspiration. Consider incorporating a health routine by getting active at work, swapping out that afternoon caffeine hit for a veggie juice and trail mix. Three minutes skipping every other hour or a few rounds of the yoga series’ salute to the sun will do wonders on every level. Set reminders over the next five weeks, then decide if you’ll keep it up. Bonus points when you inspire co-workers to join you. 


Wednesday’s waning quarter moon in your sign suggests winding up whatever peaked over that intense blood moon eclipse last week. Bump out the band, so to speak, and fold up the tent, ready to pitch in the next venue. That was a genuinely intense reckoning for your sign as it formed a tight right angle elbowing you in the ribs to compromise. Perhaps letting go of an ego-based display in favor of real nuts and bolts power moves. A little less flashy, but at the end, who cares if the result has you living the lux lifestyle you demand. Midweek Venus and Mars bolster your sign, so you’ll have the wind in your sails ready to quit this popsicle stand anyway; who needs it when adventure awaits. Let inspiration guide you. 


Intense, clandestine meetings, rendezvous, and communications aside, this month has favored your sign. If you’ve managed to glide through like Mata Hari on her best spy mission, then you’re already ahead. What intel did you decipher on cross-town and local missions? It may facilitate a letting go process, much-needed quieting of mental chatter, or a deep dive into a topic you’re passionate about. Wednesday, it’s time to take your revelations and apply them to test your theories. Reflect on your upbringing and why your attachment style is what it is. And how you can actively engage the people you share your home with. Encourage all and sundry to open up, lighten up and shift to a macro, wide-view lens. 


Over the last three weeks, there’s been a focus on cash, income, and resources. This week the pressure begins to lift as you move into ideas mode and perhaps extra training. Or is it time to put together a course of your own? Utilize your expertise or combine your unique knowledge and experience. Start planning a short trip or cross the country for inspiration. If that’s off the menu, get out in your neighborhood and check out new spots, perhaps a feminine energy workshop or community program specializing in a facet of law (your sign rules justice, after all). Push your comfort zone for inspiration, and you’ll likely be glad you did. That new clay and sip night held in a cute cafe? Adventure awaits! 


This is the final week of Scorpio season so embrace the intensity and transformation. Finding the right person to lay at least some of your cards on the table with can be challenging, but if you can’t do it now, when can you?! Dive deep into provocative topics and a session of ask me anything with someone you trust and want to get to know. Ask open-ended questions and share a little, so you’re on equal footing. It will help soften your companion and provide a bonding moment. Sunday to Friday are your best bets. Early in the week is the best time to push your needle forward if you’re ready to make a power move. Later in the week, your footing may be less sure as boundaries blur, so double-check your inner GPS coordinates. 


It may be Q4 of Scorpio season, but Venus, lithely followed by Mercury, make a midweek dash into your sign. Pre-holiday shinanigans intensify through Sagittarius season, all on brand for your sign. So expect things to move into high gear earlier this year as these planets make their way through your zodiac sign. Amplifying your inner gambler, rambler, and notable eagerness for excess, you’ve been warned. Pep now with a clear budget and gift list, so you stay on track. As Venus moves through your sign, this is the perfect time to enjoy the pleasures of life, things you love to do, and people you adore. Schedule headshots or any other rebranding or artistic ventures. 


Sunday supports bonding, so make it a day to indulge a bestie or bae. Monday is perfect for a deep and meaningful if you need something off your chest or the intel you’ve been searching for. It’s been an intense month, but the dust is settling this week, and so should you. Venus, the planet of love, along with communications expert Mercury, takes up residence in your zone of much-needed R and R. Don’t wind all the way down just yet, though; just take regular pit stops. Your social world is still under a glow-up, so keep working that room like you were born to. Sort out who will make a worthy asset and accomplice over the long run and invest in them. Less is more; seek credentials around trust and loyalty. 


While Maintaining an element of mystery to your career/public persona may have been a focus last month, this week, shift some attention to your favored social zone. Friends, groups, memberships; get amongst it all. Invitations tend to roll in when Venus, the planet of all things relational, rolls into this sector, which it does on Wednesday. Thursday, inquisitive Mercury joins in the fun, dialing up your friending to warp speed. Take a gregarious approach, and you’ll learn a lot from various people over the next few weeks. 


Career and public image are beginning to take over from an educational, travel, or political focus, so apply what you’ve learned over the last few weeks. Consider implementing a structure or system to build bigger and bring an educational factor to this zone. Think big, lean into optimism, and open up to people. This placement calls you to stretch a little. The following five weeks support promoting yourself or your brand in terms of what you offer and do. It’s about vision, inspiring others, and following your own inspiration. Look far afield for that inspo, especially to a culture different from yours. 

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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