There have been some truly great catches during the 2022 football season so far. In the NFL, Steelers rookie George Pickens did an absurd OBJ impression with a one-handed catch against the Browns. Bears WR Darnell Mooney also hauled in a ridiculous one-handed catch on a fly route from QB Justin Fields. The college football catch of the year probably belongs to Liberty WR Jaivian Lofton …. but he suddenly has some stiff competition after an amazing grab from Notre Dame’s Braden Lenzy.

As the Golden Domers took on Navy on Saturday, Lenzy submitted his entry for catch of the year by grabbing a touchdown catch right over a Navy defensive back. He Moss’d him, as the kids say. Watch the video here:

The most amazing thing about this catch? Lenzy is listed at 5’11, 182 pounds. He might be the smallest receiver to ever do a legit Moss-style catch.

In basketball, it’s often said that the worst passes lead to the best alley-oop dunks. That’s true in football too, because this pass was badly underthrown. The alternate angle shows just how impressive this grab is.

It takes a lot for me to admit that Notre Dame did something cool, but this objectively rocks. What a grab by Lenzy.

The senior wide out entered the game with only 14 catches for 128 yards on the year. Maybe the Irish should start throwing to him more often after this grab.

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