The frozen tundra is normally associated with the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field, but this week it can be transferred to Donald W. Reynolds Stadium in Fayetteville.

At kickoff today, the high was 41 degrees, which is REALLY FREAKING COLD.

Before you ask, yes I am a Southerner and yes I am from Florida.

Arkansas and LSU is currently being played in the frigid weather known as ‘November football’, and I’m not sure if either team was really prepared. Before the game, groundskeeping crews at Arkansas tried to thaw out the field using the sprinklers, because the sprinklers put out warm water.

The Tigers and Razorbacks are still trying to adjust to playing in the freezing hell known as ‘November football’. The Tigers are doing the extremely Southern method of drinking every hot liquid known to man on the sideline, including chicken broth, which brings up so many questions.

My first question, obviously, is how are they getting this chicken broth? Is there some graduate assistant down below the stadium cooking up a witches brew of chicken broth, then wheeling it out to the sideline? Do they have a player’s aunt making chicken broth on the sideline, because that’s the only broth I want to drink.

My next question is which brave soldier mixed all three with some Powerade? I’m not saying it would be good but it would give you the shot of energy that you need and you get all your vitamins in there too. It’s like a warm preworkout, should give you all the energy you need. If enough people read this story I will make the witches brew of coffee, chicken broth, hot chocolate and Powerade.

Football is all about adapting to survive, and LSU seems to be adapting well to the frozen wasteland.

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