Card games are a very popular genre of game on the blockchain. Magic: The Gathering founder, Richard Garfield has teamed up with a team of developers to bring a new exciting experience for both old and new fans to try out!


Image Credit | Blockchain Brawlers

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Blockchain Brawlers is a young, fresh trading card game built on the WAX blockchain. Garfield has had full control over this title which gives it a sense of legitimacy from the get go. He has developed RoboRally, Netrunner, and King of Tokyo, as well as MTG.

“Web3 gaming is in urgent need of redefinition. Right now, it’s more about farming than having fun.” These words came from Wax Studios Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli.

This title comes in collaboration with Tyranno Studios (formerly Wax Studios) and sees the integration of digital Land and NFT collectibles for gamers to earn lucrative rewards for engaging. To earn on this game players must own NFTs so be weary before starting this title up!

NFT collectibles in Blockchain Brawlers are called Brawlers. Each character is unique and has different in-game traits that determine the performance in the PvP. Level up your Brawler for more rewards and exciting gameplay. Tyranno have their own ecosystem, 80% gamer/user lead the other 20% is led by developers.

“I am aiming for a game that is entertaining and immersive with real strategic choices and opportunity for risk taking—yet easy enough to learn that it opens up Blockchain Brawlers to a broad player audience,” – Richard Garfield

Test your skill in PvP!

As Richard has integrated his knowledge into the game, new features are becoming available for those who invest in the game to enjoy. ‘Brawl-O-Seums’. Own NFT land plots to craft your very own in-game items. These can vary depending on your playstyle.

By battling other players in the PVP mode, you earn BRWL token which is usable in game. NFTs have been a really prominent feature of Blockchain Brawlers. Sales have reached upwards of $47k.


Image Credit | Blockchain Brawlers

When the PvE (Player vs Environment) mode was released in March, Blockchain Brawlers received a great opening reception from fans. The second week of trading saw a total volume of $430 million in volume traded.

Overall this new title is not as accessible as other games, however this may change with time. Land prices start at $150 and an NFT character can start from $600. A costly starting point for sure.

With Richard Garfields extensive industry experience it is clear that Blockchain Brawlers has turned to the right figure to really catapult their project into crypto gaming stardom. Hopefully his input will push NFTs, market cap growth and potentially even a competitive side to this game. Competitive crypto gaming is another growing sector of web3 one that Blockchain Brawlers has the potential to thrive within. Be sure to give Blockchain Brawlers a read over on their official site and to find Richard on social media to keep up to date with him and his web3 plans!

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