Guangzhou reported 3,653 new cases of COVID-19 this morning, Sunday, November 13, an increase of 473 from yesterday’s 3,180.

It marks the second day that COVID-19 cases have increased in a row and the first time that the city has reported more than 3,500 cases in one day.

Yesterday, 3,150 of the 3,180 new cases reported were found in home isolation, centralized quarantine, high-risk areas or temporary control areas. The remaining cases were found in fever clinics or community testing. 

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers reported today, Sunday, November 13.

  • 189 symptomatic cases

  • 3,464 asymptomatic cases

The following districts have updated their epidemic prevention and control methods

  • Panyu District: adjusted the level of risk in some areas.

  • Nansha District: adjusted the temporary control measures of Huangge Town and some areas of Nanshan Street.

  • Yuexiu District: temporary control measures were implemented in some areas of Renmin Street, Liurong Street and Kuang Quan Street.

  • Liwan District: new key areas announced.

  • Haizhu District: delineated risk areas.

  • Zengcheng District: key areas announced; implementation of temporary control in some areas of Xintang Town.

  • Huadu District: adjusted risk areas; delineated risk areas.

  • Huangpu District: key areas announced; Lianhe Street, Longhu Street, Xiagang Street, Luogang Street, Yunpu Street and Guangzhou International Biological Island implemented temporary control measures.

  • Baiyun District: delineated and adjusted risk areas, delineated temporary control areas and lifted some temporary control areas.

Please note, the above measures were announced yesterday and do not take into account the rise in cases reported today, November 13. 

An important message to Guangzhou residents… 

Unless you are in a high-risk area or temporary control area, it is still possible to leave your house but you should only do so if absolutely necessary.

To check risk areas near you, search 全国高中低风险疫情地区 on WeChat. 

If you’re lucky enough to be able to leave your house or just want to get some waimai, why not help Guangzhou’s local businesses during this difficult time?

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[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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