Artyfact is a Play-To-Earn project that should be heavily on your radar. This game is brought to us by a verified team scattered around the globe that are looking to revolutionize gaming space with cutting edge gameplay within the metaverse.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, the most cutting edge game development technology on the market, this game is a triple A title that has the potential to blow up once the right amount of people catch onto it.

Artyfact is an open world metaverse experience brought to us on the Binance Smart Blockchain (BNB). Unlike other Play-To-Earn games Artyfact is reliant on skill rather than repetitive, potentially tedious gameplay.


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Game modes on Artyfact crypto game

There are 4 online game modes available on Artyfact. All of which are action packed and offer opportunities to earn $ARTY.


A 12 minute match to the death. Solo game mode where players battle it out with each other to be top of the leaderboard within the time limit.

Team Deathmatch

Battle it out with friends or other players as your own is to get 125 Victory Points. This game mode is perfect for building your own team.


Team up to gain control over areas of the map. The longer you control these areas the more points you gain to get victory over your enemy.

Battle Royale

You know the score, the last person standing wins. Ultimate displays of skill and perseverance are needed for victory.

To get started on earning in these game modes, players must top up their account with a $ARTY token. Consistency is key, as the top 100 players on the leaderboard after every week will earn additional tokens for their efforts.

Artyfact designated token

NFTs and the in-game token $ARTY govern this game. ARTY is used to buy NFT collectibles that can be found in the form of avatars , weapons, clothes, or estate. All of which can be purchased on Artyfact’s very own marketplace.


Image Credit | Artyfact

Players are able to engage in the governance of Artyfact Decentralized Autonomous Organization. $ARTY can also be staked for more returns in rewards and premium privileges in game.

20% of profits will be used to buy back ARTY token after every yearly quarter. By burning these tokens, the ARTY token becomes deflationary.

“$ARTY is a native deflationary cryptocurrency and governance token of the Artyfact ecosystem. The integrated Play-and-earn solutions maintain a constant demand for the $ARTY, which continuously stimulates the growth of its value.” – Artyfact website.

Through integrating Binance tech, ARTY token can be processed in a quick timely manner specifically due to the fact the token is a BEP-2O token. 100, 000, 000 are in total circulation. Check out the token sale page on Artyfact’s site to find out more about token distribution and pricing!

Influencers and brands can get a lot from Artyfact

Influencers and brands alike have the opportunity to benefit from the Artyfact eco-system. Creators have facilities to set up their own events, game with their fans, create their own virtual merchandise and much, much more.

Open world virtual reality titles like Decentraland and The Sandbox have opened up opportunities for brands to enter the metaverse. However we have not seen much in terms of competition so we are optimistic for this feature to bring forward some great moments on the blockchain. Everyone likes a bit of friendly competition.

Be sure to give some thorough research into this game if it takes your fancy. Be sure you know what you are investing in before committing any capital to any web3 related project.

Happy gaming!

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